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Working Voices Choir

Working voices is a not-for-profit community choir of about 18 members.
It meets once a week on a Thursday afternoon, currently 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
It employs a professional musician as musical director and this position is currently held by Ryan Nicholson.
The repertoire of the choir is carefully chosen to reflect the choir's commitment to social justice and working life issues.


The Working Voices Choir (originally called the Working Voices Combined Union Choir) was formed in 1989 with Christine Evans being the first conductor.
The choir was funded through a Trades and Labor Council (now UnionsWA) arts grant. Rick McCracken, then a TLC arts officer, was instrumental in the choir being established.
Jeff Carroll was the second conductor of the choir.
Bernard and Eleanor Carney commenced as choir conductors in 1997 and over 18 years took the choir on a wonderful journey of friendship and music. They stepped down from their leadership role in mid 2015.
Raelene Bruinsma was then our leader for four interesting years, stepping down at the end of 2019.
Ryan Nicholson will lead us into 2020